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A short collection of three stories, each with a mystical focus. Prepare to be charmed.

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We Hate To See You Go

whtsyg book cover snip 1600 px wide for smwds

One-Act/Dark Comedy 3m 2f

We hate to see you go
We hate to see you go
We hope to hell you never come back
We hate to see you go
An Irish wake.
A reluctant corpse. A few drinks. A few laughs. A few tears.
Some bickering. Some fighting.
An Irish wake.
Seasoned playwright Michael McGrinder is at it again, this time calling on (some would say calling out) his Irish heritage and its peculiar relationship with death and all the contrariness that attends it.
McGrinder’s exquisite craftsmanship is at play here as he balances the outrageous with the subtle, the laughter with the tears, the hypocrisy with… well, with itself. As always, he offers us delightful entertainment. It’s no wonder We Hate To See You Go continues to be one of his most popular plays.

print $5.99

kindle $2.99

Now available as a Kindle edition

(print edition available soon)

A Wounded God


We got us a major booboo, bubaloo—
We’ve got us a wounded God.
And we gotta stop the bleeding…

What happened to the world?

We happened.

Humans, supposedly created in the image of a God who can only do for us what He can do through us. We were the beneficiaries of everything. Everything. We needed only to care for things, ourselves and for each other. It was a simple exchange.

And have we made a mess of that! As the conscious representatives of all creation, we must take responsibility, even the authority for the actions of God. We have no other choice.

Here is a resolution in the form of a beautiful longer poem—a work of remarkable spiritual power with a practical call to action.

Just when we need it most.

Isobel cover
Two-act play
Historical Drama

Fly over the moon, Isobel. Fly on to the sabbat!

Isobel Gowdie has been unjustly labelled “The Witch Queen of Scotland,” largely due to her confessions to witchcraft being a matter of historical record. Isobel’s story is told here on a grand canvas spanning a period of seventeen years. This full-length play is not for the prudish nor is it for the faint-hearted, but neither is it for those without a sense of humor or deep compassion. It is for those who like a good story well-told and for those especially who enjoy a love story. It is definitely for all who appreciate great theatre!

Available as Print and Kindle editions from amazon

The Carpenter’s Wife

Now available as a Kindle edition from amazon.com


Mary The Carpenter's Wife

Traditional gospels accord the mother
of Jesus minimal attention, and
recent depictions have been
less than kind to her image.

MARY draws on gospels canonical
and apocryphal in addition to many
parallel sources to place Mary at
the center of her own narrative.

The story of Jesus’ nativity is honored
as is the often suppressed fact that
Mary was the mother of several
children. We also find a boldly
charismatic Joseph, rugged and
handsome with a bit of a temper
and a brash sense of humor.

In this compellingly original
novella, Mary is shown to be the
gentle, loving woman who became
the mother of the most famous person
ever to have lived.


The Foreigners
Foreigners snip lgr

One-act play.

Two people, unable to speak each
other’s language or that of their
newly adopted country, meet,
fall in love and live out a lifetime.
Or do they?

The Share

kindle book cover

May be performed royalty-free!
One-act monologue.

In the guise of an AA share
performed as an audition piece.
Humorous and heart-wrenching.

Heathen Piper

Heathen Piper cover_6

Two-act play

Historical Drama.

The author writes himself into
his play about the “troubles”
in 1920’s Ireland and is at odds
with his own characters.They’re
willing to come to life and even
to die,just not on his terms.

Available only as a print edition
from The Old Reliable Press

 Snow Business

Snow Business cover snip

May be performed royalty-free.
A 3-minute play.

As light as a snowflake.
A cranky boss experiences
the miracle of his first snowfall.
A charmer that can be performed
without a set, and the only prop
needed is a flash camera. (The author
won’t mind if that’s mimed.)

Poet’s Model

Come in please. I’d like you to pose for a poem.

The title poem blurs the line between
the solitude of written art and the
more social realm of the visual arts.
If you like the poetry of Robert
Creeley, Frank O’Hara, Marianne
Moore, and Alan Dugan, odds are
good you’ll enjoy Poet’s Model.

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